Raffaella Gregoris

Owner & Founder BAKEL

Raffaella founded the Bakel brand in 1998 in Udine from a truly revolutionary intuition. From her past as a formulator for several cosmetic brands, she learned how many unnecessary substances were used to create many of the cosmetics on the market. Not sharing this philosophy, she decides to realize her dream: to create cosmetics that contain only substances capable of giving real benefits to the skin. Hence the choice to give up all the superfluous, an absolute novelty that is well summarized by the brand claim “zero unnecessary substances, 100% active ingredients”. In fact, the formulas do not use substances not related to the dermis such as liquid paraffin, peg, ppg, alcohol, preservatives and dyes, but only ingredients of vegetable and biotechnological origin. Pure formulas, rich only in active ingredients. In this way, the health benefits of the skin are many, including the reduction of the risk of irritation and allergies.