Paula Perkins

CEO & Founder Paula Perkins Spa Consultancy

With over three decades working at the topmost end of the wellness industry, Paula’s extensive global experience spas across the 5-star luxury hotel, wellness and spa sector, comprehensively consulting on all phases of spa development, including concept creation, planning, detail design, pre-opening and ongoing operational management. With an unwavering passion for our industry, meticulous attention to detail and an innovative approach to both service and solution, she guided some of the most prestigious city spas, resorts, residential facilities and wellness retreats to create inspiring and award-winning experiences, where individuals can relax and heal in the most outstanding of spaces… always, of course, ensuring clients benefit from a strong return on their investment and teams wellbeing is given the priority it deserves. The spa and wellness industry is ever-evolving – something that continues to both fascinate and drive her every day. She analyse the latest exciting developments, anticipating future wellness trends and ensure  understand the changing needs of spa and wellness consumer all to strive to make a positive impact on individuals health, support the well-being of the planet whilst ensuring continued commercial success for clients.